Friday, April 21, 2017

My son is married. My husband is working out of state for a couple months. My visitors have returned home and my house is now blissfully quiet. In the aftermath of the wedding, I needed a respite. I turned to my all-time favorite romance by Staci Stallings, If You Believed in Love. Available only as an e-book, that is the only thing disappointing about this book. I don't buy many hard-cover or paperback books (I have a LOT of e-books), but this is one I would buy in print if I could. It's the story of a grieving widower who has been coerced by his sister to take a college class just to get out of the house. The class he chooses to audit is English Literature at the local community college and from the beginning of the story, we are right there with him as he discovers the classics--Browing, Austen, etc.--and how the beautifully captivating and intriguing professor brings a new light to the stories we all love to love. Here's the first line:

"I do not believe I'm doing this." Jonathan Danforth strode past the knots of college students who were draped and drawn over every available step and statue.

Happy Friday!


  1. Happy Friday! My first line is: “For a moment she couldn’t breathe, and then the barest whisper passed her lips – half spontaneous praise half simple awe. ‘Oh my… I’ve found Paradise!’ ” From Spring Raine by Delia Latham

  2. Congratulations on your son's wedding!

  3. Happy Friday! Congratulations on your son's wedding!

  4. Congratulations! Two of my brothers got married in the last nine months, so I know what you mean about the aftermath needing calmness. ;)

    My first "line"...
    "Good morning, Lord, it's time to rise.
    The sun is shining bright.
    I've got my day ahead of me.
    Please help me do what's right."
    ("Princess Prayers" by Crystal Bowman)

  5. I am reading The Noble Servant by Melanie Dickerson (ARC from NetGalley) "Where do you think you are going looking like a beggar?"

  6. On my page I'm sharing the first line from Such a Hope by Sondra Kraak. However, here I'm going to share the first line of book on my TBR stack; "The Miracle of the Seventh-day Ox" by Bradley Booth: "Nickolia Panchuk stared at the four walls of the jail cell around him. The cold gray concrete made him feel as if he were in a tomb--cold and frightened and alone."