Wednesday, August 31, 2016

And so it begins...

Four or five years ago I began a journey unknowingly. I sat down to my computer sporadically and began to create a story about a man and a woman who would eventually find each other and their spiritual identities along the way. Yes, I write inspirational romance. As the story began to evolve, other story lines floated around my head and I wrote their beginnings (and sometimes the endings) so I wouldn't forget.

During the course of this compilation of words, feelings, and tiring fingers, I managed to relocate twice to different states, help (as much as I was able) my husband build two houses, and research a little what it would take to actually publish one of my novels. The going was slow, but always forward. I guess if you continue to make progress, eventually you either arrive at your destination or you stop before you get there. I haven't stopped yet.

It has been a leap of faith for me to get to the point of publishing my first novel. Along the way I have been taught by numerous professionals, friends, and family who have had my best interest at heart and I appreciate their generous constructive critisms and encouragements as I venture into this new and exciting chapter (pardon the pun) of my life. This blog is part of the set-up for publishing my first novel.

I've received a lot of advice for what I should share on this blog, besides the obvious links to any books that I publish. So I will try to take that advice and invite anyone who wishes to comment. In addition, my plan is to use this blog to tell anyone who is interested not just what I'm writing, but what I'm reading, too. I thought I might also share some of the personal connections I have to the events in my stories. After all, we've been advised to write what we know, so I plan to let my readers know where I get some of my some of my ideas.

My first novel will be available on Amazon in the near future. When I have a link to it on Amazon, I will post that, too. I'm going to thank anyone who reads this in advance just for reading and if you actually buy my novel, thank you in advance for your support.

Soon to be released: The Triple Date Dare


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